MacGyver Science: Resort + Desi + Riley + Window Cleaner + Witness

MacGyver Science: Season 5, Episode 1.

Water Bottle Explosion

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MacGyver needs a distraction. He takes a glass bottle that’s about half full of water. It’s one of those fancy bottles with the cap that will seal tight. Like this:

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When he puts it on the hot coals, the water increases in temperature. This means that the water vapor inside the bottle also increases. Eventually, the pressure inside the bottle is so high that the structural integrity of the glass is compromised. This is what we call “an explosion”.

This is basically the same thing that happens with the “exploding water heater” — as seen on MythBusters.

DIY Chemical Irritant

MacGyver mixes some weird tea tree oil with ammonia into a diffuser. Yeah, some of that weird oil stuff can really irritate the lungs and eyes — especially with another chemical like ammonia. Once that gets into the air, the bad guys are distracted enough for Mac and Russ to do what they need to do.

Pick a Lock with a Fan

OK, not the fan but a magnet from the fan. This is the fan he uses.

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Of course a fan uses an electric motor. Typically, this would be an AC electric motor since it’s plugged into an AC outlet. But AC motors and DC motors are different. Most DC motors use an electric current interacting with a magnet. Oh, here — you can make one yourself.

However, many AC motors don’t have a magnet in them — but some do, so let’s just say the fan MacGyver grabs has a magnet in it. It’s plausible.

What next? Can you actually open a lock with a magnet? Yes, it’s at least possible.

Oxygen Tank Escape Lift

How do you get a bunch of people out through a skylight? MacGyver basically builds a rocket-powered pulley lifter. He uses two compressed oxygen tanks as the rockets. Yes, those are rockets — remember that episode from MythBusters (again).

These rockets will pull everyone up using surgical tubing for the rope. The tubes run from the tanks over a beam and then down to the people. When the valves are knocked off the tanks, the O2 rushes out and pushes the tanks forward. This pulls the people up.

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